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Some facts about kissing

I’m sure that all of you like to kiss, but here are some things which you maybe know or maybe not… Just for fun check it out and tell me what you are thinking!

1. The longest kiss: The Guinness book of world records inscribed that the longest kiss ever lasted for 30 hours and 45 minutes without taking a break!

2. Kissing around the world: That kissing is not such a fun think Eskimos, Laplanderes and people from Polynesia, for them kissing is perverted and they prefer rubbing their noses or even sniffing each other. Japanese people, however kiss only if they are going to make love with their partner.

3. Kissing – no go! : Long time ago, kissing, especially on public places, was strongly forbidden act. In medieval time it was considered for sacrilege if two were caught to be kissing in public, even if those two were a married couple.

4. Kissing diet: The doctors proved that while you are kissing, you are actually loosening calories. To be precise, in a average kiss which lasts 3 minutes you lose 12 calories, that means that if you are about to eat a piece of chocolate cake you’ll have to kiss for one hour and 45 minutes.

5. Fighting against those wrinkles on your face: While you are “French kissing”, you activate 38 muscles on your face which slows down ageing process.

6. Healthy and happy: Kissing is not only making you happy it is making you healthy too! While you are kissing in your body is being released adrenalin, your blood pressure is rising, your pulls doubles and hormone responsible for stress is getting lower. While you are kissing you exchange bakeries with your partner and your immunity is much better!

7. Live longer: In life of an average person (if we take that the average person lives for 70 years) he spends 110 000 minutes in kissing, it is known that kissing endures life living for 5 years. What can I say more about kissing when there are so many facts that kissing is good? There is only left for me to say enjoy in kissing!

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