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Hitlers Drawings and Paintings

Wonderful art, beautiful and so sensitive, but can this be the same man who slaughtered so many people. These is the work of Adolf Hitler, the one less known and surely more to admire than the one we had seen and know about. Hitler was never admitted to Art university, and it makes me wonder what would have happened if he had been? Would he be the worlds best artist and would be reading about him with admiration? This is just one of the what if theses, but surely is the best one than the one that happened. Hitlers name was for years been the one which scares people, but also the one that intricate everyone: psychologists, doctors, historians, sociologist, even astrologist…everyone wanted to know how the evil occurs. Do you get born with that? Does the society makes you like that? And could someone change the course of the history? Here are the paintings and you say did he had talent for this? Why he was not admitted to the University? Can things be better? Can you look at these pictures and not to make you wonder? I must admit that this was quite a surprise t me, and never had crossed my mind that a person like that had carried something beautiful in himself. Now we can’t do anything to change what already happened, but this just makes me wonder…

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  • sparkytee

    hilter came about as a manifestation of the racist and anti-Jewish prejudices that arose post-WW1. the Germans lost the Great War to the Allies and as a result were upset and confused about the loss. the generals and military professionals were skeptiacal about placing blame on themselves so quickly shifted blame onto a minority group-the Jews. They were merely a scapegoat and as anti-Jewish sentiment arose, Adolf Hilter was merely at the right place at the right time- or wrong time, but had he been chosen for art school or assassinated in his reign, there would have been many others to surpass him. it was not Hilter who was the source of the evil, although he did not help.