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Weird Animal Species

This is the list of animals that are, nice, kind, nasty, odd, gross etc. Look at it and suit you self. The Weirdest and rarest animals on Planet.

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  • UncleMick

    Where is a list of the species? I recognize quite a bit of them, but I’d like to know what the rest are. Esp that thing Brady Barr is holding. Is that a salamandrid?

  • stela

    Yes, it is! It is more interesting for people to guess what is what, don’t you agree?

  • anthony

    What is that thing on the side of the garbage can?! it looks like a giant spider/crab lol.

  • Zooman
  • Saxony

    Lolz Im 12 and I know almost all of these
    1. Solenodon
    2. Maned Wolf
    3. Civet
    4. Mole
    5. Long nosed Echidna
    6. Capybara
    7. …no idea
    8. Pangolin
    9. Vampire Squid
    10. Aardvark
    11. Hellbender/Japanese Giant Salamander
    12. Sumatran Hairy Rhinoceros
    13. Sus Scrofa? Or possibly Hylocherus Meinertzhageni
    14. Sumatran Rhinoceros Baby
    15. Sleeping Galago (aka Lesser Bushbaby)
    16. Potto
    17. Baiji or Yangtze River Dolphin
    18. Sunfish
    19. Wombat
    20. Tasmanian Devil
    21. Slender Loris
    22. Tree Kangaroo
    23. Gharial
    24. Okapi
    25. Wolverine
    26. Pallas Cat
    27. Fennec
    28. Fossa
    29. Naked Mole Rat
    30. Coconut Crab
    31. No idea fish
    32. Sifaka
    33. Short Nosed Echidna
    34. Red Panda
    35. Three Toed Sloth
    36. Platypus
    37. Anteater
    38. Horsfields Tarsier
    39. Margay Cat
    40. a species of microbat, possibly a Leaf Nosed Bat
    41. Mudskipper
    42. Some type of desert Lizard
    43. Purple Frog (yes that is the actual name)
    44. Purple Frog (discovered in 04 I think)
    45. Giant Isopod
    46. Tibetan Fox
    47. Tibetan Fox
    48. Giant Jellyfish
    49. Tigon (not liger)
    50. Aye Aye
    51. Geo Duck (pronounced “gooey” used for sashimi)
    52. Thylacine
    53. Pictures of Lamprey
    58. Star Nosed Mole

    Easy :) all stored up in this brain. I know all these because since I was about 6, I self studied rare species of animals.

  • zeoir

    Ahaha, funny that you didn’t know the ONE animal that i wanted to know :D (number 7)

  • elsmumia

    Nr. 7 = Sea Pig

  • elsmumia

    31 = barreleye fish

  • blah

    did you know that thw barreleye fish” eyes are actually the green things not the things up front

  • ilaari

    So these are the so called “pokémons” . . . even tough number 7 looks similar . . . cthulu?

  • Saxony

    Oops. Forgot the Sun Bear, between the Isopod and the Tibetan Fox.

  • George

    Some of these animals aren’t really all that weird. Like I never thought of red pandas as being an unusual species.

  • roo

    aww, i think they’re cute :P

  • Omni

    @ Saxony

    I’m about 100% sure you’re not 12. Your spelling and grammar are too correct for you to be 12 years old. Nor do I think you learned a lot of this at 6 years of age. Especially not on your own at will.

  • T.Muffins

    42 is an armadillo lizard.

  • Nifty


    I don’t see why just because he’s 12 years old he would be unable to use proper spelling and grammar. I’m also 12 years old.

  • Corbjop

    Just because a lot of 12 year old are absolutely retarded, does not mean they all are. I’m 12 and I’m knew a lot of these and have good grammar.

  • no name

    You don’t know good grammar at all

    this is interesting stuff

  • RaulJones

    This is teh internets…ur not supposed to have good grammar. If you *were* 12, you’d know that.

  • mandi

    giri_keran: Molidae isn’t the name of the fish, it is the family that the sunfish is part of.
    “Molidae is the family of the molas or ocean sunfishes, unique fish whose bodies come to an end just behind the dorsal and anal fins, giving them a “half-a-fish” appearance.” – from the wikipedia article you linked to.

  • Heather

    Saxony, you are amazing. Only 12?? Looking through these pictures I was just wishing they had stated what each one was!! I knew a few of ‘em, but then I saw your post, and it made me so happy. :)

  • Alexandra

    I think everyone would greatly appreciate it next time if you actually took the time to compile a list of the names.

    Guessing doesn’t make it more fun or interesting :)

  • Saxony

    Well, Im 100% sure that I AM 12 years old. lol, well, 13 in june. Why is it that I couldnt have self studied rare species of animals? Sure, not all children my age like to study, heck, I hate math and literature, but I do love to study animals. At age 11, I studied dog and cat nutrition, btw, I am in the making of a website about pet nutrition, and you can see that I am 12, and see much more of my good writings. And what sparked my interest of rare animal species was when I was infact only 6, that is when I started to rescue abandoned birds, and there was a bird I found and I didnt know the species, so I decided to look it up, after that, I was hooked on rare species. So, just because you think something isnt so, dont insult them about it, because YOU look like a fool because of YOUR lack of knowledge.
    @rauljones, What, I cant be articulate just because im talking on th internet? And how does that prove im not 12!!
    Well, its a good thing im used to this crap >.<

  • andrew

    weird odd freaky don’t u think

  • Etha Haifley

    It would make a lot of sense if I couldn’t simply eschew it ASAP.

  • michocohoxi

    very good image,i like this ^^

  • John

    I’m 12 and what is this?

  • Sadia

    very sweet pictures

  • zooks

    i’m also 12 years-old.

    you guys can suck my balls.

  • Skeptiko

    And yet some people prefer to believe some semitic deity spontaneously generated all these animals, instead of admitting these animals all show evident signs of enviromental adaptation for survival a.k.a. EVOLUTION.

    Shove that down your ark, Noah!

  • Zashinni

    Just wanted to say that the giant jellyfish (don’t know the number) is a fake!
    My professor for zoology showed us that picture too, and while we all gasped with astonishment, he laughed and said, that this photo was a fake.
    I was kinda sad about it, must be epic to swim side to side with a giant jellyfish… :)

    I love the Okapi btw, they’re so sweet :)
    And yes, I study Biology and no, I didn’t know all of them… ;)

    Can’t quite believe that guy is 12, but if he is, congratulations, please study Biology and help us save those rare animals, will you? ;)

  • Tetovo

    Wicked! :)

  • AbuRose

    I wasn’t as smart at 12 years old.
    I had to walk to the nearest library to
    look up words. Today, besides the internet, young folks have access on their desk shelves. Most fortunate for the future, too. Life knowledge depends much on the environment exposure and adventurous experiences…and the attitude obtained by one’s interest. I won’t knock any 12 year old.

  • ewan

    who give a damn about 12 years old? Btw, some of the pictures look creepy!!!!

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  • Soendoro Soetanto

    I have never seen most of them.
    This is a great list.

  • khaled elamari

    so much nice

  • Andy ‘Drew’ Card

    Number 7 is a “Scotoplane” or “Sea Pig” (For short). Hope this helps…

  • Andy ‘Drew’ Card

    Also no offence intended but I just thought that I would correct ‘Saxony’… 49 is not a “Tigon” but in fact a “Golden Tiger”… It is not a species of animal but just a colour variation of a normal tiger, simply genetics. Although it is a stunning creature. :)

  • unanswered

    That is the most ignorant statement.

  • but Im on your side

    why would you use that word? you could have used, ignorant, stupid, unknowing. and yet you used the offensive word ‘retarded’

  • Get over it dude

    Your faith inhumanity must have died. There are knowledgeable kids out there. Not every one is on your level. So don’t be jealous.