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Riots In Hebron Are On The Streets Again

Serious clashes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians are again on the streets of Hebron. Hebron is one of the most contested cities in the West Bank, with a Palestinian section and a Jewish settler enclave. It is home to about 160,000 Palestinians and 500 Israelis. It is also the location of the Cave of the Patriarch, a religious site holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and has been the site of violence between Palestinians and Israelis. he question is when will this be put to an end? Does all the world closes eyes to what is happening there? It makes me wonder, since the US dealing the justice all over the world why they keep silent here? Who is taking whose territory out there and who has the weapon there? There are the things which no one lies to speak about and this riots will rise and become something bigger, it is not necessary to guess what will be the consequences…The future seams to be something what we don’t want to see. As someone said take the money and run…The photo s saying more than what is so obvious, one part is fighting with guns and the other one with slings.

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