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Ban Soccer from Vuvuzele Concert

What will this World Cup be remembered for is some unexpected wins, great game, great organization, hospitality and most of all of this Vuvuzele! Vuvuzele is a very irritating requisite for soccer fans who want to cheer and support their team. What was forgotten was the noise this “instrument” produces- 130 decibels! Well now you can do some math and multiply this with 30. 000 and you will get the atmosphere from field. And all the trouble wouldn’t be the noise, but the players can’t communicate on the field and the is something which certainly effects on their performance. We, who remained at home and are watching the game from home are very lucky since this lovely concerto can be muted, but the ones over there must listen it all the day! Not only that this Vuvuzele don’t stop playing when the game is over, but this keeps annoying all the day. I am sure that after this World Cup we all will need an examination at some good shrink.