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Fancy Bars In Namibia Whit Some Hipster Names

If you love travel, and you love bars… then you’ll love-love this series of Namibian bar photos. I am proud to bring you a consumer’s guide to the top ten bars in Namibia, should you be traveling there in the near future. I don’t have locations for any of these places so good luck finding them, but Namibia as I get to see in the Namibian tourist guide is not so hard to travel, with an experienced native guide I guess you will pretty soon be on the right way and tasting some goon Namibian beer. As I got to learn if countries had hobbies the United Kingdom and Germany’s hobbies would be football. Switzerland’s hobby would be behaving well. The United State’s hobby would be invading Iraq. Japan’s hobby would be scary toilets with lots of buttons. Namibia’s hobby would be beer. Most countries have something of which everyone is proud. Namibians have 11 language groups, a democracy, a bunch of different churches and a soccer team that regularly loses in regional and world championships. Namibian beer is brewed according to the ‘Reinheitsgebot’, an ancient German law that states that beer may contain only barley, malt, hops and water. Most Namibians will tell you that because the beer is so pure, you will not get a hangover. After seeing how the bars look like I guess that a hangover is not necessary. Hansa is the best beer in Namibia, so if you are in these bars, this is what you should order. Hansa rules.