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WTF Toys from Japan

Crazy as it may look, this is for real, and it is actually being sold in Japan as well in some countries who import this. I can’t see why would someone import something like this, but it is an exported item, so it means that someone must import this. For some I will try to give an additional explanation, but some are just unexplainable.

Art toys, these toys caught my eye. It is a 7-inch high figurine and it is being sold in America like crazy. People just like to combine this Japanese “mystical” culture with commercial things, and that is how you get a toy like this called koibito which stands for love or you may just ask for “crab people” and this is what will you get. I don’t know if you need something like that, but it is available to you.

Sorry, but for a toy like this I have nothing to say. It is a way for children to learn more about anatomy, but can you be honest and tell me that you would buy this to your child?

Aww, personal favorite! Tuttuki Bako box jabs! This is an interactive toy from Japan, mainly made just to put your finger inside the box, than you will get a virtual illusion on the screen that you are moving objects. You must say admit that you are sorry for not inventing something like this, specially when I tell you that this, well I don’t know how to call it, is being sold for $48! Come one! Someone must be kidding with me!

One more, extraordinary gadget from Japan. It is a soybean key chain. You have three soybeans inside, where the third one is the smallest and the one from the middle can pop out and can change up to 12 different facial expressions. The commercial could be: When on a boring meeting, you can just pop out your boring face? WTF? This is way to crazy!

This is one really strange little boy. It is called H-Bouya UNB. In Japanese, “H” also Jacuzzi stands fro “pornography” (“H” is pronounced “eechi” = sex), so this doll can also be called “pornography boy.” When ever you are using your device, whenever you stick it on your PC the little’s boy face will go red or it will winkle at you. This boy is one naughty boy as it turns out.

For the love of God..what this could be I don’t know. Who needs a doll which can be shaved, specially when we are talking about a baby doll…I don’t recall if any baby needs shaving. This s just to much, even for Japan.

Sega robot cat, toy cat, called the “Dream Cat Venus”, which has a touch sensor. Most of the time, this cat as well as the real one is sleepy, but also can produce a voice similar to a real cat, but when you touch its belly this cat can move its pews. So, who needs a real cat when you can have this one. Just think, you will not need to take here to the vet or feed her…how does this sounds to you?

Toy “Obama”, holding a samurai sword and a Star Wars lightsaber. The toy’s head and hands can move too. Yes this is not a joke this is American President as a toy! It is high 12 inches, the size of a real 1 / 6 Obama! Barack Obama seems to perform some martial arts this toy is being manufactured by the Japanese game industry. Pretty wild?

This mini floating toys in Japan were a bit hard to understand at first. When you put these shapes of small things, including jellyfish, squid, octopus and so on, into the bottle containing water, they can float. The toy sells in Japan for $6.

Kaba Kick is a Japanese version (for children???) of a Russian roulette?? What do you say about this? The game is as n the real thing, to put the gun against your head and pull the trigger! The winner in the one to whom the gun doesn’t soot a bullet. Well, this is really something! Way to go! It looks like these Japanese are the parents of the millennium! Be sure not to hire one for a nanny!

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    Hahah. WEIRD! I enjoyed reading about the toys though :D Hahah. I must have one of these someday. Loljk :) Err, the KOIBITO has different meanings: one is “a lover” (boyfriend/gilfriend as koi=love bito=person). second is “human fish” (as “koi” also means goldfish). And I think the second one applies here. :)

  • adamJ

    The soy bean is known as Mameshiba. Search it in youtube and you’ll find a lot of results. Its a short animation with each kind of bean talking about some random facts. Yes, there are different beans used and they talk. Pretty hilarious though.

  • Kevin

    Hey! Have you ever heard of spell check? Fucking use it! That was by far the worst article I’ve ever read. Call me a grammar nazi, but if you’re going to publish something at least make sure you can spell correctly.

  • japinoy

    some toys that is posted in here are not from japan, you japanese hater bastard -____-

  • heckyll

    The anatomical “toy” is not a toy. It was a teaching tool to teach mid wives about pregnancy, birth and delivering a child into the world. It’s an historical piece.

  • Dr. Retarded

    The water bottle toy isn’t meant to just float in water, that would be stupid. And it’s not originally from Japan. Back when they still put prizes in cereal this was one of them. I had one shaped like Tony the tiger when I was a kid. You put it in the bottle close it and if you squeeze it, the toy sinks to the bottom. When you let go it rises to the top.

  • Goaway

    The shaving baby one is not japanese, its CHINESE.

  • Kikaku2501

    I need that Obama action figure. Also, the soy bean isn’t a mameshiba. The mameshibas look like shibas (the dog). There are tons of these little soybean toys, though, and I think mameshiba makes one.

  • Ana

    the website is cool!

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  • Saya

    these products are all made by a CHINESE company!!
    whoever wrote this article is not a professional writer, just an ignorant racist.

  • Lumbago

    i want that Toy Obama, crazy and fun

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