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Bizarre Sex Laws From Around the World

Cool infographic about some of the strangest sex laws from around the world.

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  • Tag

    It,s all lies there no such a thing like this in Islam or middle east

  • majo


  • Amro

    WTF, where did you get this bull shit from people,, I don’t know about the rest, but numbers 2, 3 & 5 are no way near the truth. I dont even think any of these is true.

  • JD

    Please, people, take this as it is : a joke…

  • Amgad

    I am an international lawyer licensed to work in many countries ,no such laws like this in middele east,or in islamic law ,sex in islam is permitted only with the wife,no human creature have sex with animals anywhere

  • Mustafa

    Where were you guys pulling all these info about sex in the middle east? Out your ass?

  • salwa


  • Siggy

    I won’t speak for any other laws, but don’t be so quick to dismiss them all because a few are untrue. Though less interesting than many, it is, in fact, illegal in parts of Florida for a man to have an erection in public which is visible through his clothing.

  • Martin

    In the United States, you are arrested for raping a child if your GIRLFRIEND is 16 or 17! I am glad that I am not an American! Jajajaja

  • Dan

    That’s disgusting. Go ahead and stay in your gross ass shit of a country.

  • MissAnnaEMouse

    Uhm, the one thing that you’re all forgetting is that this is all suppossed to be for enterntainment purposes. Think of how many stand up comedians or movies there are that make fun of EVERY facet of life and EVERY ethnic group to roam the planet, we all get a haha out of their lame jokes. If anyone believes anything they see on this or related sites, then it’s time to stop surfing the web and come back to reality. Stop getting all worked up over nothing and just take it for what it is: ENTERTAINMENT.

  • no reply

    There is no such law in Indonesia to decapitate people because masturbation. But it is forbidden in Islamic law, but the penalty is not decapitate but sin.

    And also there is no law to allow people to make love with animals in middle eastern, Islamic law FORBIDS people to make love with ANY animals, only permitted with the wife.

    I guess all of those info are bull shit and not true after all.

  • Skia

    As strange as some of you might think it is, there are often laws that were passed for some legitimate reason, far in the past, but which are still on the books as laws. Many of those laws are no longer enforced and most of them are ignored by most people.

    On a different note, there are some interesting things I noticed. In law 1, nothing was said about male virgins having to find someone to relieve them of their virginity before marriage. This law is actually somewhat believable because many cultures were concerned about continuing the family and enlarging the gene pool. This would have been especially true in any island culture. Many of them required the bride to be pregnant, or even to have given birth to a healthy child, with the groom’s child before the marriage could occur to ensure that both the bride and groom were fertile!

    Law 2 is, I believe, actually mentioned in the Old Testament. That law was not made to encourage bestiality, but to discourage it by eliminating any animals a man may have had sex with from being eaten. A shepherd is not going to have sex with his whole flock if he can’t eat any of them afterward! Also, how would others react to his admition that he was having sex with his herd animals? How many would want to eat them after he admitted that? Not many!

  • DZ

    to everyone trippin’ balls about the bestiality thing, it’s most likely joking about the fact that the highest searches for animal sex was from middle eastern countries. so shut the hell up and calm down already, you’ll live longer.

  • Anonymous

    It is funny both the article and more so the commitments but the most hysterics is American sex laws and how they apply today. Like Sitcom actually in the evaluation of the making of sex laws through the year now only people not charged with a sex offense can access government officials by use of the internet yet just over 95% of all new sex offenses are committed by someone not on the sex offender registry as if congress is too busy, maby making more sex laws to cut down on work week day and more time for golf? BuTt, worse than this sex offenders are forced out of jobs in to prisons where America’s tax dollars are spent on the average of 35-40k per year to house each one, not to mention the Witness Protection programs housings and the payments to the Planned Parenthood hoods getting the goods linking up that ready made family with their star ministry parishioner all in the family, right? Now that the mom and daughters know the game plan they become buck seeking pro’s So America just keep devaluing the dollar by printting more and now they want to make our phones our wallets and save ink and paper? It’s an experiment gone wild!