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One in a Million – Black and White Twins

Two sisters, Marcia and Millie Biggs are one in a million. The doctors was really surprised when their mother delivered twins with different skin color. Marcia has inherited a white tan, golden hair and blue eyes from her mother and Millie has inherited dark curls, brown tan and dark eyes from her father who has Jamaican origin. Doctors think that this is more possible to happen to children which has been conceived through IVF.

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  • Mitch P

    This is truly amazing.

    A black man that is still with his kids. You don’t see this anymore.

  • jason

    fuck u mitch,happy new year

  • Skia

    Nice to see a positive post for a change. =^_^=

    Really cute little girls. I hope they have a good life as sisters and don’t get hassled by the rednecks and jerks while in school.