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Earth’s Creatures

Never judge anything by the looks. Some of the most unusual creatures live here on our planet. They are not the most pleasant sight you may have, but it is more than certain that you will not be able to take your eyes off them.

Budgett’s frogs look like they’re from another planet! The round squat body jiggles like a bag of water when the frog moves, and the eyes sit atop the head like a pair of tiny ping pong balls.When this frog is frightened it opens its huge mouth, screams like a cat in pain and lunges toward an aggressor. With two large tooth-like projections, the frog is known to bite and is capable of drawing blood!

A member of the stinkhorn family of fungi, Aseroe rubra is commonly known as the starfish fungus or sea anemone fungus (for obvious reasons, I hope). Tim Geho of writes that it is not only widespread throughout the south Pacific, it is also the most common stinkhorn in Hawaii. It was the first fungus ever collected in Australia by Western explorers; and its name literally means “disgusting red”.

Ruffs are highly gregarious, with a wintering flock of 1 million birds reported in Senegal. It is usually considered the only member of its genus Philomachus, but more recent research indicates that the Broad-billed and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper may belong there too. The males display at a lek during the breeding season, standing erect, crouching or taking a variety of postures with the ruff erected. A group of ruffs are collectively known as a “collar” and a “hill” of ruffs.”

Well, I found out that there is an ocean animal that can do the same thing. It is called a Leafy Sea Dragon and is one of the most perfectly camouflaged fish in the sea.The covering on a leafy sea dragon is a bony armor called a hide. The hide is made of bony rings. While it looks like there are leaves growing out of its body, the plant like leaves are really called skin growths. The adult leafy sea dragon can grow to be about 18 inches long (45 cm). It is one of the largest seahorses.The body color of the leafy sea dragon is a greenish yellow with white stripes and the skin growths are dark green.

Carrion flowers, also known as stinking flowers, is the name given to several different species of plants, usually members of the lily family, that all use the same process for pollination, a gross, stinky smell that is similar to rotting flesh.
The word Carrion refers to the carcass of a dead animal, thus the name.Flies and carrion beetles are attracted to the smell and get caught inside the flowers long enough to get coated with pollen, escape and, with any luck, go and pollinate another carrion flower.

The Alligator Snapping Turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in the world. It has a specialized tongue adapted to attract potential prey. When they come to investigate the tongue (which resembles a worm), the turtle bites it in half.

The back of the midwife toad is covered with small warts. These warts give off a strong smelling poison when the toad is handled or attacked. The poison is so powerful that the toad has few enemies or predators. The poison also helps to keep the egg strings on the male’s back safe from attack. Its poison is quite strong. A midwife toad’s poison can kill an adder in just a few hours. Unlike the thin tongue of many amphibians, the midwife’s tongue is round and flattened.

The Australian Frilled Lizard usually keeps its ruff down on its neck except when threatened or during courtship.This lizard usually runs on its hind legs.The likeness of the lizard is on Australia’s 2 cent coin.Footprints left by their back feet on show their three middle toes.Their teeth are fixed to the surface of their jaw like human teeth.These lizards are often kept as pets.

Endangered monkeys from African, mandrills are one of the largest species of monkey in the world. Their furry head crests, manes, and beards are quite impressive, but what will really get your attention is their bright coloration. They have thick ridges along their noses that are purple and blue, their noses and lips are red, and their beards are golden.

The Southern Crowned pigeon. The sounds that these birds make are unusual. Their contact call sounds a bit like the sound created by blowing over the top of a milk bottle, whilst their display call is a dramatic ‘boom-pa!’ The name commemorates the British Monarch, Queen Victoria.