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And Will Somebody Tell Me How This Works? Medicine or Something Else?

Unconventional medicine (also called alternative medicine) includes a huge range of treatments from simple acupuncture used in the West to very unusual methods of healing, such as eating raw fish and frogs, which are practiced in the eastern countries of the world. According to the healers, with the help of alternative medicine, they can cure all diseases completely, even AIDS. Anything goes, that could somehow help the patient. It is pretty hard for those who are not open minded to accept the concept of this healing. I am sure that people, when it comes down to life and death situation will hold to anything and are able to try almost everything and keep their hopes to whatever comes along. I am sure that most of us wold do anything when the life is on stake.

1. Treatment of arthritis with mud in a sanatorium Anshan city, China.

2. Treatment of rhinitis (inflammation in the nasal cavity), with bee venom.

3. This is known in eastern healing too, fish Garra swims at the feet of patients in Hakone, which is located near Tokyo, Japan. Fish helps in healing some skin diseases.

4. The people of Cambodia to assume that the touch of a turtle helps in healing some diseases.

5. Pressing the dead scorpions – the traditional healing treatment in a sanatorium of Jinan, China.

. Also in the list of healing procedures in this resort include attachment of walnuts to the eyes and the room smoking dried leaves of Chinese wormwood in the ears of patients.

7. In the photo you can see the treatment procedure with snakes in a sanatorium town Talma El Azhar, which is located in northern Israel.

8. Being covered with black mud are visitors in the resort town Sihuan, China. It is known that mud is rich with minerals, which are used for the healing of human skin.

9. Man eats a live frog, which should help in the treatment of abdominal pain ..

10. Cairo. Healing of a patient suffering from hearing impairment by medicinal bee stings.

11. The patient sits in the treatment pond with dirt “Lagoon of Miracles”, which is located in Peru

12. Eating live fish as a cure for asthma in the city of Hyderabad, India.

13. Patient swallows a live fish treated with medication.

14. Traditional Chinese treatment of facial paralysis.

15. Brain atrophy in China are treated with smoldering leaves of Chinese wormwood.

16. Treatment of cervical spondylosis in the hospital Hefei, China.

17. Egypt. Patients with rheumatism taking sand baths in the desert Oasis of Siwa, which is located 700 kilometers northwest of Cairo.

18. Psychologist and patient communicate with spirits in Fafe, which is located in northern Portugal.

19. A doctor treats a patient by Hidzhamy (cupping vacuum banks).

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