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The Place Where Retired Queens of The Night Go

Founded in 2007, this “House of the Beautiful Flowers” has now become a home for 23 elderly retired prostitutes. It is located in Tepito, Mexico, and it’s named after Casa Xochiquetzal, Aztec goddess of love and women.

The idea of creating such a retirement center belongs to former prostitute Carmen Munoz. She was shocked seeing her old “colleagues” sleeping in the streets. She spent years trying to convince the government to support her idea, and she finally was given an old 18th century house that is now transformed into a retirement home run by the government that can accommodate 45 former sex workers who should be at least 60 years old.

The story of these women was a part of a documentary created by CNN. It shows that no matter how difficult the life of these prostitutes is, as they have no home, and their children barely visit them in the House of the Beautiful Flowers, they continue to live and even smile.