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Photoshop Disasters

Here you will see one of the greatest photo galleries of photoshop mistakes on the web. I hope that you will like it, Enjoy ;)

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  • MakeADime

    What you see may not always be true! Lesson Learnt!

  • wallpaper

    Bad Photoshopers!!!!

  • Mr. or Mrs. True

    Do not beleieve these photos. I know original photos were made with photoshop (more or less), but some stupid dicks took them and changed that it would look like bad photoshop and this website would have something to show. People are not so stupid as you think and a lot of information on the internet is not real. Always make your choice and do not go blind for what you see or read.

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  • 800 THOUSAND

    “Never trust magazines” Lesson learned.

  • Lumbago

    some are real mistake, some photo are re-edited just to look it has a lousy mistakes.
    nice collection by the way, it will open your mind and teach you something bout photoshop mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    Я в шоке.

  • gibson