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Robert the Tramp- Olympic Torch Bearer

The clock is ticking. There is not a lot of time left, opening of the Olympics in London is near. People in England are excited, as well as the organization. They are looking for prominent figures who will be the Olympic Torch Bearers. In this selection, organizers are listening to the voice of public too. What is interesting, is the fact that one person is sticking out. One guy seems to be getting more and more support from the public. This is one really unusual person, which seems to be leading with votes on the Facebook and other social networks.

Gordon Roberts, better known as, Robert the Tramp, is a resident of Bournemouth who is famous for his always knowing the correct time, an this would not be such a thing, but what is interesting is the fact that he doesn’t own a watch. Roberts became an internet phenomenon. Chris Kimber, a Bournemouth University student, created a Facebook page on Robet’s half and this became huge. ” As of January 2010 he has gathered an appreciative collection of 14,685 friends on this site; fans have uploaded pictures of themselves with Roberts and added stories about meeting him. The phenomenon has been widely reported in many UK newspapers and has spread as far as the Netherlands and Australia.” (wiki)

Robert is the most eccentric 80 year-old man in Bournemouth, known also for wearing scarf of his favorite football club Manchester United, his messy hair and old clothes. He is a real joker and there is no soul in his town who doesn’t know him.
Is Gordon going to become a Olympic Trampion?