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10 Craziest Wine Names

Wine known as “the drink of gods“, seems to be loosing that status with the craziest names appearing on the market. It seems like the manufacturers are competing in making up the funniest and most obscure names. Be frank and tell me if you would say that “Fat Bastard” is a proper name for this divine drink, maybe Silenus- God of beer buddies and drinking companions, would suit this brand of wine. He’s fat, bald, hairy and drunk. He is known to be a good buddy with Dionis, and he liked wine, we know that, and as it goes with the part “bastard”, well all gods were bastards, I am sure if you look a little bit more, you will see they did a lot of douchey things.

1. Fat Bastard

This French wine is breaking all records of popularity: in the U.S. annually sells more than 400 thousand boxes. This is wine with not so classy name is selling big time. How did they came up with the idea for the name, it is not known.

2. Bitch

Wine of Australia is so pleasant to the taste that when the bottle ends, you sincerely want to swear to the empty bottle. Life is a peach sometimes, isn’t it?

3. Shitty Wine

Enterprising Jean-Marc Speziale began to produce its own brand of wine called Vin de Merde, or well, no translation required here. It is funny how people learn bad words in all languages very easily. Wonder if this phenomena is so because everyone is swearing?

4. Ooops

The name is due to the advent of abstraction winemakers. They often made mistakes while labeling wine, so at the end they decided to just call it “Oops!”.

5. Arrogant Frog

I haven’t try this wine, but I truly hope that the taste doesn’t have anything to do with the name. The only thing which crosses my mind is ditch water where frogs usually live.

6. Elephant on a Tightrope

Winemakers obviously do not know the good old phrase “cow on ice”, otherwise probably would have thought well over the name of this wine.

7. Urine Frog

Don’t know what is with the amphibians and wine names but is seems to be very popular to correlate wine and amphibians.

8.Shelter in a Hollow

“The best varieties of grapes grown in the hollows between the beautiful steep hills of California, collected by hand and made wine with full-bodied, lively flavors,” – these wonderful lines printed on the back of the bottle over the back of a nude image of a beautiful girl. Her face (if you are interested) you can see on the label in front.

9. Mad Housewife

It seems that housewives love drinking wine and what makes a little piece in home is wine.

10. Damn Drunken Church (Blasted Church)

Place under that name actually exists: it is a small winery in Canada. Only Canada can make you laugh this hard.

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