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10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

Public drunkenness is not so interesting but the real problems which hit celebrities are the funniest ones. Falling, slipping or getting your period while singing the National Anthem! That is what we like to see, just to be sure that even though they look so perfect, they are far from it. Tom Cruise is my personal winner! He did it all and still does it. You must give this guy some credit.

1. Tom Cruise

We could seriously write a book about Tom Cruise’s embarrassing moments, but since we’re confined to a paragraph, let’s get right to it. The actor makes a fool of himself every time he dresses up like that Les Grossman character (seen here putting his back into it). Of course there was that painfully awkward couch-jumping moment on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and how could we forget the time he laughed so hard he farted while being interviewed by David Letterman? Cruise truly outdid himself though during an appearance on BET, when he decided to pull out the “air motorcycle” dance moves.

2. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera chose one of the most public places of all for her big embarrassing moment — the Super Bowl. While singing the national anthem in February, the troubled songstress botched the lyrics during the live performance, viewed by more than 111 million people worldwide. Adding insult to injury, she fell off the stage at the Grammy’s later that month! Clearly not done with her embarrassment streak, Aguilera was then arrested in March for public drunkenness.

3. David Hasselhoff

Admit it, we’ve all starred in our own drunken burger episode at some point, but in the case of actor David Hasselhoff, his was caught on video by his own daughter, who uploaded it online. Not only was the “Knight Rider” actor topless and slurring his words while attempting to get his mouth around the messy meat, but he was eating off the floor to boot. It was definitely not the star’s proudest moment, especially with that stubborn piece of lettuce clinging to his cheek.

4. Jessica Simpson

While most stars avoid embarrassing situations like the plague, Jessica Simpson has made them her shtick, milking her airhead image all the way to the bank (whether it’s a conscious effort or not!) The legendary “Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish?” comment about Chicken of the Sea tuna on MTV’s “The Newlyweds” paved the way for many dumb quotes over the years but lucky for Simpson, rather than turn fans off, they seem to make her that much more loveable.

5. Britney Spears

There’s a reason why “Oops she did it again!” is the most over-used headline in entertainment news. Whether Britney Spears is driving around with a baby on her lap, shaving off all her hair, picking up pregnancy tests with her paparazzo boyfriend or flying into a rage while chasing photographers with an umbrella, there aren’t many embarrassing situations in the pop star’s life that haven’t been chronicled. And that’s before we even get to the time she was wheeled into an ambulance to the psych ward while cameras snapped every last awkward moment.

6. Ashlee Simpson

Embarrassing moments are one thing, but sometimes it’s the way people handle them which can be even more awkward. This brings us to Ashlee Simpson and her infamous lip-syncing ordeal on “Saturday Night Live” in 2004, where the songstress admitted “I made a complete fool of myself.” When the wrong song track played and exposed the fact Simpson wasn’t actually singing. Instead of facing the music, she did an impromptu jig and ran off the stage.

7. Janet Jackson

It was the wardrobe malfunction seen ’round the world which paved the way for an endless parade of nipple slips to come. While there is still some disputing whether Janet Jackson intended for Justin Timberlake to expose her pierced areola during their halftime show performance at the Super Bowl in 2004, there is no disputing the professional embarrassment which followed the fiasco known as Nipplegate.

8. John Travolta

The “Pulp Fiction” actor must have a thick skin dealing with rumours of his alleged gay spa escapades and his strict Scientology beliefs which many have suggested led to his teenage son’s death. But even the most intense tabloid speculation about his personal life may not have prepared him for the ultimate embarrassment earlier this month when a member of his team tried unsuccessfully to book the actor a reservation at a KFC in England.

9. Miley Cyrus

One of the problems with fame can be not knowing who to trust, something teen superstar Miley Cyrus knows all too well after her 18th birthday shenanigans were broadcast for the world (including her protective parents) to see. The bong-toting “Hannah Montana” starlet was captured giggling up a storm after smoking the psychedelic herb salvia, before rambling incoherently and obsessing over her on-off boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

10. Mariah Carey

We’re embarrassed for the world’s most famous diva pretty much every time she opens her mouth but Mariah Carey seems far too busy organizing her walk-in closets to let shame slow her down. Our jaws have dropped over the years with her countless clueless comments, including the doozie she dropped upon hearing King Jordan had passed away. “I love Jordan. He was one of the greatest athletes of our time.” Then of course there was this other gem: “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”

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