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Cage Fighting For Kids- Very Disturbing 12 Photos and Video

This is probably the scariest and most vicious thing I have ever seen! Kids fighting in cage?  I wonder if this parents are thinking with their heads, and what is even weirder and mostly shocking is that there are people who are coming to watch this. I am pretty sure this is illegal. One thing what wonders me is where is the social service? Is it possible that this photos are all over the internet and no action is done? Photos are showing two eight-year-old boys cage-fighting at a Lancashire Labour club has been condemned by the British Medical Association (BMA). This people should be locked!

The film, shot at Greenlands Labour Club, in Preston, shows young boys taking part. The BMA has described the images as “particularly disturbing”. Club manager Michelle Anderson said they worked closely with police in Preston and that the children “loved it” and were never in danger.

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