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Meanwhile in Russia

Russia is one big country and as America there are lot of people. You can find in these two countries more crazy stuff than in others, because of the variety of population. You will find everything on the streets of Russia, specially Moscow, the capital of Russia, which are large and crowded. For those who are enjoying the art of trolling, will find interesting stuff on these streets. There is always something going. These photos with some funny comment will make you laugh. If you find it offensive, in that case this is all fiction an any similarity with the real persons was not intentional.

Horses love sugar!

What is this? Is This my descendant? I’ll kill myself!

Officer, you will not believe me! All of the sudden, it started raining money and liquor!

This family really loves balloons!

They see me rollin’, they hate me!

Mad scientist, easy to notice from an early age!

Have you ever been so excited for jumping?

Probably a Russian costume for a bride to walk the streets with a flag?

There is something in the wind, everybody started loving the closest person!

Vodka can be tricky. Next morning can’t be explained!

Motivation, Russian football players need some!

This watering would be nice on Thailand, but here is pretty freezing!

The Russian costume. They all act like this in the parks.

Gold, glad that you bound to return!

Prejudice, you will find them too!

Let me introduce you, this is my friend, he’s a little bit shy! Don’t mind he’s naked!

And suddenly…Rain!

Wonder what would Dostoevsky say about this!

Dogs are acting peculiar!

Fallen angel in the subway.

Wait, wait, can I take a photo, before you hit me.

The police brought in this child for misbehavior, and now they are making her eat that, whatever that is and judging by the look of her face is something, in best case, tasteless.

Pardon me, sir! I got to go, I have a singing card to deliver.

Black chicks in Russia are really tall.

Secret service gets their massages using pigeons.

Wonder what these simpatico, but mentally unstable children are doing.

Now everyone knows what a pervert you are.

The thing everyone fears-singing pigeons! God save their souls!

The party ended, but some party hard!

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    Ебнутый америкос фотки подбирал……паскуда унылая