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Movie Lessons to be Learned

There are lot of smart things you can learn from movies. Definitely, the winner among all of logical things they do in a movie, for me, by far is running up the stairs. Yes, that’s the best thing to do when someone is after you. Don’t run to the door and don’t you try to run out screaming, but go upstairs. This is the smartest thing! We will not go into the phone numbers, because all of them start with 555 no matter where the place is happening. Even in Paris they will dial 555. Specially annoying is the thing in horror movies. The couple buys a house and something weird starts to happen or even better, some voice, in a creepy way, is saying: “Go away!” and what do they do? They buy the house! I would be running as far as I can from there. The first “go away” sign, and I would be, like, O.K. you will not see me here, ever! But there are a lot of lessons to be learned in movies. Here are the best ones. I am sure you find them as annoying as I do!

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