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Poker Ladies Looking Fine

At the 2011 World Series of Poker, there was some good looking ladies. The tournament was held at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, if you were to play here what would you do? They were quite an attraction, since poker is still a men game, but ladies are entering in style. I am sure that many of the players didn’t even noticed the way they look, but photographers did. Well, when I said that other male players didn’t even noticed them I was thinking of the guys who are really serious when it comes to the game, but some even got distracted. I feel sorry for those who lost the game just for not being able to concentrate on the cards but on the silhouette in front of them. This may look like a tricky and low move when it comes to the game, but like it is said ” In war and love everything goes”. So, when being in a grown up club, you can use some of the tricks you have coming up your sleeve.

Sad truth is that at the end despite the looks these girls didn’t go to well, but they showed these guys that “men’s club” had became women’s too and that high heals can do everything what pants do. Would you be all into the game or make a move on some of these fine ladies? They really look good, there is no doubt in that. And the question is, how can you keep yourself together and not to lose the poker face?

One of the best known poker ladies is Vanessa Rousso which is more known to some for her modeling work — including being signed as GoDaddy Girl — but she’s had great success at the poker tables as well with over $3 million in earnings. So guys this is getting serious. The girls are coming out!

  • Robert ANderson

    Hard to concentrate with those knockers in my face!

  • Anonymous

    “Hey, my poker face is up here!”