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Bizarre And Odd

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Silicone Queen from Serbia

Silicone queens from Belgrade      

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Bodybuilders That are Doing it Just a bit To Much

Bodybuilding is very serious and hard to master sport. But as every other sport, it can still be funny in some moments. Well these are some of that moments. Bodybuilding can be great fun! But some bodybuilders try a little

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WTF Celebrity Photos in 2012 0

Celebrities can sometimes surprise us very much. Most of the pictures we see are some where they look like God’s angels. And that can be a little bit frustrating, but from time to time there slips a photo like this,

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72-Year-Old Chinese Man Models Teen-Girl Clothes 0

Liu Xianping’s granddaughter has a fashion boutique called Yuekou, and since her grandfather began modeling for her, sales have increased fivefold. Liu’s granddaughter on how the whole thing began: He picked up one piece and tried to give some advice

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Weird Food Around the World 0

What some people consider gross for some is a treat. Most of these foods are interesting to try. I haven’t try only the first two ones and the coffee. All the others are just different. Many people like the taste

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The Hitler Wine 0

Founded in Pasian di Prato in 1967, the Wine Company Alessandro Lunardelli, embodies the experience and the ultra centennial tradition of the Lunardelli family in the enological field. Some generations ago, in fact, the Lunardelli Company produced and traded wine

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Hot Russian Lunatic 0

This beautiful girl with awesome assets is one of the craziest people in the world. Actually I’m not certain is she brave or mad. Here you will see her on big heights without any gear. Very dangerous and probably exciting.

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The Strangest Bras Ever Made 0

You won’t believe what some people have fashioned a bra out of. These bras are trying to make a statement, but I’m not always sure what that statement might be. It could be “I recycle!” or “I’m an artsy type!”

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Dakimakura the Hug Pillows 2

Dakimakura, which means “the hug pillows”, are the sort of orthopedic pillows with life-size pictures of anime girls on them meant to be embraced during a bedtime by those who suffer from loneliness. A dakimakura is a type of large

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