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Silicone Queen from Serbia

Silicone queens from Belgrade      

Bodybuilders That are Doing it Just a bit To Much

Trying a little too hard to shake hands. Trying a little too hard with the Blue Steel Please, leave it

Karma Is a Bi*ch!

Doing something really bad is never an option, specially if someone is sealing or trying to hurt someone. Somehow what

From Ugly Duckling To A Beauty

This girl has really blossomed. As a child she had problems with overweight and it looks that hard working and

Vintage Playgirl Covers

One look at these vintage Playgirl covers makes me think that women have always been after power. Most of these

Amazing Slavic Girls In Traditional Outfits

This was something to see. These girls look so gorgeous in these traditional clothing. It looks like there is no

Girls Just Love St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick was a Christian missionary, bishop and a patron saint of Ireland. He died in A.D. 461 on March

Enjoy In Luxurious Prison Hotel

The notorious prison in the Netherlands has been converted into a luxury hotel offering guests the experience of being a

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