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Bizarre School Drill Lets Children Experience Drowning

Around 70 primary school students in Luoyang, China were recently involved in a controversial drill that involved submerging their heads

Japanese SchoolBuss

The long-running children’s TV program Thomas & Friends, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and a host of fellow railway cars

Boris Yeltsin Drunk White House in underpants trying to hail cab ‘because he wanted some pizza’

Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin got so drunk during a visit to Washington that he was found standing outside the

10 Creepiest Dolls

1.Marybel In 1959, America had the disaffected Marybel (also expressly termed The Doll That Gets Well). Marybel came with her

Silicone Queen from Serbia

Silicone queens from Belgrade      

Bodybuilders That are Doing it Just a bit To Much

Trying a little too hard to shake hands. Trying a little too hard with the Blue Steel Please, leave it

Karma Is a Bi*ch!

Doing something really bad is never an option, specially if someone is sealing or trying to hurt someone. Somehow what

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